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Your Wedding Celebration is ALL ABOUT YOU TWO!

We are all unique, have different beliefs, life experiences and things that resonate well with us. These also relate to the diverse ways we have of celebrating every dimension of life. However you celebrate yours will be reflected in your ceremony. This may be through your choice of an outdoor venue, weather permitting! It may be small and select, or as large as you can make it. 


You may choose to bring into your Ceremony members of your family and friends, asking them to deliver readings, poems or music that have special meaning to you.


You may also want to remember those who are unable to join you on your day; we could build into your Ceremony the lighting of candles by their photos; holding them close throughout your celebration.


So many options to talk about and choose from, places, people and content shaping what will become uniquely yours.


The manner in which I work is simple, straightforward and highly productive leading to the creation of your personalised ceremony, weaving together all your thinking, ideas and wishes.


From your initial contact, we set up a meeting where we can get to know each other, share ideas and start to assess what you have in mind. I cannot understate the importance I place within your ceremony, of all that is meant by you, and yours.


You can interview me! This is to be your perfect day, everything must be right for you.


Together, through sharing, reflection and agreement your ceremony is co-created. Approved by you, you can rest in the knowledge that your Ceremony will hold nothing unexpected. 


My job as your Celebrant will be to bring all of that information into your personal ceremony, holding the space we have created. You will have my commitment to help you through any emotion your ceremony may bring to the surface. We shall be sharing your unique love story.


Yours will be a memorable Wedding Day! 


One thing we are all experiencing in these present times is that life can hold many interesting twists and turns. Some expected, some not.

Taking time out of our busy lives to acknowledge, honour, respect and celebrate these occasions will add meaning to the experience; can bring a sense of peaceful closure and opportunity to move on, in either the company of family and friends, or alone.

Please do call me if you would like to explore this area of my work but are uncertain as to what options you have. Together we can create a highly personal ceremony of your choice.

Happy Baby

As a mother and grandmother I feel a great joy to be involved with a naming ceremony. The start of a new life can be marked in many ways, reflecting the love surrounding the young one, bringing a sense of space and sacred purpose to a celebration all will enjoy. This may take place in your home, hotel or outside venue. Everything is possible in my mind!

As in all my ceremonies, you will be the driver of the type of ceremony you wish to have created. You may be a parent, grandparent or guardian of the child or young adult to be named. 

However, you may have decided to make some landmark changes in your adult life and now wish to celebrate that transition with a space in life where you can pause, reflect, honour, commit and celebrate your new pathway.

I am always available for an informal chat, helpful if you need to identify your choices more clearly.

Close Up of Pink Roses

Should you find yourself in the position of Chief Mourner, set with the task of respectfully marking the life of a loved one, it would be my honour to guide you through the process. 

There are many ways in which this can be done.

Together we shall find the right pathway through your thoughts and perhaps those of others you may have to consider in this ceremony.

Grief adds another pressure to our lives; so much is expected of us when placed in a position of trust and care when ensuring a fitting tribute. 

I can talk with you about the life of your loved one, creating a personal eulogy reflecting who they were and the contribution they made to the lives of those people they held close. 

I can of course deliver your chosen eulogy if that is your preference.

We can talk about readings and music too.

Once again I am available to discuss informally what you may have in mind and if appropriate share with you some suggestions that may be helpful in making your final choices. 

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